| चक्रव्यूह |

Babaji Shivananda Kangra

With your departure come wounds,
Hurting me like never before. Today, you finally came out of your reverie,
Realising that life is, but merely an illusive metaphor.

Relationship – business in a beautiful disguise,
Like sand dunes in gusts of wind,
Forms and blows away into oblivion.

Unbreakable to me were my relationships.
How deluded I was,
I realised only after their complete annihilation.

I reflect, I ponder, I look back,
Only to see that a relationship is a synonym,
For illusion and lies.

I begin asking myself,
How much longer will my life
Battle these spurious relationships?

How much longer will Abhimanyu battle the Charavyuh,
Before he dies?

— Translated by Shrinivas Kalyani