| Message dated 11-Mar-2017 |

My blessings to you! So many things in life. So many things to accept and some things to change. I give you example. Say by 20 years your height increases, while after 21 years if you become overweight.

What is that you can control ? You have in your control to reduce the weight but not the height. Similarly only some things are in your hands and some not within your hands, just accept. Sometimes you are happy what is the real happiness. If you accept things your life automatically will be happy. Swami is with you, swami gives blessings to you. I give blessings for your happiness. That is what is not in your hands don’t think about it. Do prayers, prayers.

Swami blesses your family.. blessings, blessing, blessings. Yes I know your love and faith. I feel everything, I listen everything. When bhagawan says don’t worry, you should not worry. Why God says don’t worry because god is ready to accept your karma. God is ready to take your hand.

Swami is with you always in your good and bad times. Hence Swami says not to worry. Without worry do all work with faith. With faith if you do everything, swami will gives good results. Swami is every second with you. I know your life, your present, past and future that is why I tell don’t worry. Without worry you can do many things. I always teach because you are my student, my son, my devotee. Many times with maya the mind is running sometimes the mind is going right and sometimes wrong. God does not work with the mind, god sees your love , your heart and gives blessings. Many more things Swami will show you. You always think about swami, pray to swami. Your mother Sai maa is always with you.