| Message dated 21-Dec-2017 |

Be happy children. Don’t keep worrying. Swami’s grace is always on His children. I am talking to you after a long time. But from now, Swami will start giving you messages.

Be happy, Swami is happy. Children, the one who keeps experiencing God in everything, he becomes worry-less, like a infant with his mother. A world is built/created in the mind, but that keeps changing too. Sometimes, the world within the mind can become meaningless. On the other hand, the mind can become complete too when God starts residing in him because of his devotion and purity. When a breeze touches such a mind and comes back, it is laden with a divine aroma. It starts humming too and the humming makes another fellow traveller (on the same path) pause and he starts to fill up with joy as well.

Children, God is always with you and it is this God who fulfils your desires/wishes. When you start experiencing Him everywhere, you become free from worries forever. Whatever He does, it becomes the path of your good fortune/well-being. His every word, every step is for you. But what you can give Him in return is just your love. Love is the mixture of devotion, dedication and discpline in spiritual practices. In other words, Love is the only(underlying) path that unites and takes all the paths to God.

Children, the current time is difficult. The coming days, i.e. the new year will be difficult for China and Pakistan. After this year, both these countries will start losing their strength. A mamoth change is underway which is difficult for you to even fathom. These countries will be ravaged by acts of Nature. We need to pray to God for the well-being of the people of these countries. Everyone, anyone can be a receptable of God’s grace/compassion. Swami blesses everyone. Keep up your courage. (Don’t lose your courage)

The year 2018, will be a year of big disasters. Lots of difficulties will be there, but in the midst of all these, the Advent of an Avatar will begin. When people engage in His service, walk the path of His teachings, they will attain bliss and self-realisation and will one day embark on the True path.

Children, the temple work will get completed. Swami will talk to you again very soon. Continue with your meditation of Om Namah Sivaya.