| Sapta Saundarya Padukas |

Children, may you be happy and prosperous. Swami’s blessings are always with you. We talk after a long time. This joy is different. For Me, what is the need of talking? I am the rumination within you, I am bliss, I am the soul of the life, I am Supreme. For you, I am your God. You are not aware how proximate I am to you. May you all live in bliss. Children, cardinally I bless you for Durga Pooja. Every event will follow a very meticulous regularity. Swami’s blessings are with you. Listen children, this Durga Pooja will create history. Trust My word, I refrain from saying anything on this further.

Everyone is waiting for the Paduka Pooja. I am also happy. I will bestow the time of jubilation upon My devotees. This Paduka Pooja will bring joy for everyone. Swami’s Paduka will give feeling of service to the world. You must sing the bhajan “Charan Kamal Vando”, the time has come to touch the holy feet. Same touch, same experience, which everyone has assumed to be culminated! But, I will give that same delectation to My devotees again. Swami will give Padukas on November 23, 2012. Everyone will get a chance to savour the joy of revering them. November 22 and 23, 2012, have been unwaveringly decided for the celebration of Swami’s Birthday and this is the time to rejoice.

Lotus Feet signify purity. Whenever one gets a touch of the Lotus Feet of a spiritual leader, scholar, saint, or an incarnation, then that place, that body, and that soul become sanctified. The soul becomes happy and longs to close the distance between itself and the almighty. Holy foot dust is sacred. Only two drops of sacred ash helps one in sailing across this mundane ocean. Therefore, the living being that gets this sacred foot dust gets liberation.

In this mundane ocean, there are so many bondages in life. There is an inner and an outer world enmeshed with life. Due to many desires, mind is attached to this materialistic world, but the person who is attached to the God by a silk thread of love and devotion, gets liberated from all other bondages. Liberation is achieved only by attachment with God, and that fine silk thread of love protects him from the worldly attachments.

Children, the time of My Paduka Pooja has been fixed. It will happen on the dates declared by Me. You all must be prepared for this joyful event. I will shower special grace on My devotees on this occasion. I will grant cover of protection, mantra and will give the joy of walking on the right path. I will lay a foundation for humanity’s well being. In this Paduka Pooja, I will give joy to My devotees by performing special miracles. I will meet a devotee and have a discussion with him on this occasion. I will bring him forward to take a lead and handle My mission. I will inform him the secret behind these miracles.

This nature is My creation only. This world is made by union of this nature and the Supreme Being. The kingdom of nature is the heights of the mountains, the depths of the oceans, the streams of roaring and flowing rivers on the ground, in the darkness of night, and in the daylight.

Peace of mind is achieved by watching the beauty of nature. The flowing thoughts of mind relax. In the streams, only one kind of sound is heard. By uniting with the nature, reflection of God can be seen who is omnipresent. The spiritual seekers reach in the state of meditation under the shelter of nature. They realize the truth present in nature and adore God. God and nature are same.

The joy which is derived by befriending the nature will be felt by seeing these Padukas. That is why the name of these Padukas is “Saptasaundarya” (seven beauties) Padukas, where God’s beautiful creation can be seen. These Padukas will respond to the prayers of every one. Darshan (envisioning) of these Padukas will be as good as having Swami’s Darshan. For the welfare of My devotees these Padukas will visit their homes. Whichever home these Padukas will enter, they will kindle the lamp which will emit everlasting light of Joy there. These are the blissful Padukas.


Darshan of these Padukas will mark the end of problems in life. It is a medicine which will cure without its consumption. Devotees’ wishes will be fulfilled not by demanding in front of them but by just thinking in front of them. Devotees will also get sacred foot dust from these Padukas. I Myself will decide that when and where these Padukas will go and in which devotee’s house. Swami will come with experience full of joy, and Darshan for all His devotees. Swami is with every one and invites everyone for this Paduka Pooja. Pave a new path of your life on this occasion of great joy and with this, move forward in the Sai mission commencing at this occasion.