| Transformation of the Yuga |

Be happy children ! Be happy !Swami’s blessings will always be upon his children.

Children, why does it look that in this world ASATHYA( UNTRUTH) is on the rise? Nobody is looking at Truth. Lots of things that are being talked about are true and lots of things are false too. The reason being, there is no such vidwan (wise man) or any human who can realize the difference between Truth & Untruth. Man is totally involved in his own thoughts and moving ahead unguided and rudderless.

This is a false notion that Sathya Yuga is approaching and that Prem Sai is already born. Swami denies this. To establish Sathya Yuga Yogis need to be present, not politicians & people who fight among themselves. How Sathya Yuga can exist in such a place, where there is fight among people with different thoughts for place & position? What is the meaning of Sathya Yuga? Can anyone tell ? No, because Sathya Yuga in itself is that Shakti(power) which will not bring about a change in the Yuga but will change the thought process of the entire mankind. God’s voice is SILENCE. Without uttering a word, the SILENCE conveys everything. Arrival of Sathya Yuga will be revealed only & only to those great souls , ascetics and hermits who do not adopt the Sansar(world) and aren’t involved in worldly activities. They are meditating for years for the transformation of the Yuga.

Now it’s Kali Yuga. After that will begin……not begin but the Karma Yuga phase has already begun wherein the knowledge of Karma isn’t present in anyone. There will neither be any difference between right & wrong nor will a person know about his relationship with another ..(ie relationships will not be fair…. people will fail to give name to relationships.. man will not understand his relationship with the other). No relationships, no love will exist! This is how Karma Yuga will be. Along with this will begin the Adharma Yuga wherein people would have forgotten God & His powers. Here God will just be One & that will be MAN. When such a phase will come, then KALKI will come to end that Yuga. So dear children , in Karma Yuga trust your Karmas ( actions) . Pray to this Sai Maa to hold your hands and walk the path.

The Yuga about which you are happily sharing on the Facebook and Whatsapp is meaningless. I haven’t congratulated you for any such Yuga. My upadesh isn’t for anyone’s criticism, it is just a point to help you realize truth. Be patient. I’m watching over you all, where there are only and only talks about doing actions but no actions at all. Don’t remain action less in Karma Yuga. Just as the flow of river Ganges begins from the sacred Gangotri , similarly love begins to flow from a pure heart. This flow of love from a pure heart gets into an emotional attachment(Bhaava bhandan) with the one it adores(Isht). In such a feeling (bhaava) when the sound of the flute is heard afar, even the moonlight shows the path at night, to move ahead. As if the path is laid with flowers of devotion, that’s why treading on this path seems easy. If you see the banks of Yamuna, it seems to flow in calmness , when the Lord is nearby. Similarly it is difficult to identify whether flute is being played by the Lord or it is playing on its own (as the instruments used to play on their own before Swami’s birth) due to extreme proximity of God. There is Raasa (dance performed by Lord Krishna with gopikas )in Bhakti Rasa which gives the experience of having the Lord very close.

Children, to say I have said a lot, to do , this or that , but in reality no one is coming close to God, no one is saying, “Swami, I want to do this”. Without Love, the nectar doesn’t flow & without bhakti, no Shakti is gained. Life is such a game, the end of which is unknown. No one is aware of the next moment. Truth is the One, that one moment in which you are living. What & when things happen, only I can tell you. I know what you are thinking. But I ask, why are you thinking ? Will thinking give you everything? None of you is willing to come forward for Swami and be Swami’s Children, listen! Prem Sai Baba has not come yet and won’t be coming now. When He will come, you won’t be able to recognise Him. Only a true devotee, not an ordinary human being can recognise an Avatar. If you want to have the darshan of Prema Sai, then do your karmas(actions). End the ongoing politics within your mind. Thine, mine, ours, theirs, truth, lie, good, bad … end all these thoughts. You can also see me but only when , your heart is filled with love. You will see me in everyone. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible!

Establishments, money, prosperity and work are not the ways of identifying God. He is recognised by radiance(Tejas), mercy, kindness, love, peace and silence because God’s voice is silence. It conveys without words. That is God. To reach Him do not think , what you should do or what you have achieved. Just remain calm, be at peace. Look at that Tejasva which is beyond all maya and keeps working.

Swami spoke about the Golden Yuga but not completely. Now it is not the Golden Yuga but Asathya Yuga/Adharma Yuga. Children, I will send my own (ansh) sons and daughters in this world to lay the foundation of that Golden Yuga because when Adharma Yuga will reach it’s pinnacle then only those soldiers will stand to fight against that Yuga.

This is something to think about. This topic is very deep. Pralay(apocalypse) is again preparing itself. Difficulties are close by. Chant the mantra as much as you can since difficult times are setting in. This time problems will be more in winter, in many parts of the world , Maa will protect you all. Sai Maa will herself give Shakti Yoga . The Yoga that Ma Shakti herself had practised and became Maa Durga, Adi Shakti. This Shakti Yoga , is the need of the hour in this world. Take Swami’s rosary with you and chant where ever you go. Do not take my words lightly !!!!!. Where ever this rosary will reach , the problems will cease. Swami says winter will bring problems created by the apocalypse. Whoever is listening to this message should not go near the sea shore in the winter. Your prayers can stop the distress. Now you have to decide how much you are willing to pray from the core of your heart for the betterment of the world. Earthquakes, health issues and havoc by water will be the reasons for the distress.

It is time for an Aghor Lingam to manifest in the soil of Kangra and it will manifest during the rains. Preparations for the Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam will begin as soon as the lingam manifests. It is time for the Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam. You feel that Swami has created a fear in you through his message. No, it is not like that. In 2016, Shiv Parvathi Kalyanam will also take place in Kangra and 25th November is the next meeting date of the trust, fixed by Swami. Swami will talk on an important matter with all his children. Knowledge on Shakti Yoga will be given by Swami himself. That Shakti Yoga , by which Maha Kaala can be attained. Move forward, Wake up !!! Hold Swami’s hand and do not think of trivial matters because the time to think, is over. Kangra will grow and flow in spirituality(Adhyatma), art(Kala), education, Yoga, Meditation(Sadhana) and love. For establishment of golden age you need to come with a golden heart. I will give you Shakti. I am giving you love. As long as there is no love, everything is a waste. With Maya’s Shakti , Maya can stand up but with the Shakti of love , the whole world can rise up. I will myself teach you Shakti Yoga, Param Yoga and Sidha Yoga in December.

Be happy, it is time for Athi Rudram Maha Yagnam at Kangra. Be happy my children. Swami will now wait for those who will come to Swami with real devotion and with no conflicts.

When will Prem Sai come? Prem Sai avatar is the avatar of love. He will come when there is real devotion and love. Think whether you are eligible and ready to see this avatar or not ? Don’t ask me, ask within yourself. Are you all set to see the avatar , are you filled completely with love to see the Prem avatar? No. If no, then the avatar too is not there. Avatar manifests when each one cries to have his Darshan. Now it is a political fight that is going on. That, which is given the form of devotion is all a game or a play. A game of bargain/testing, power and position as to where Swami is or where he is not.

In Kangra, I will always remain like this. I may not do anything but Swami’s work will have nothing to do with politics. It will only be infused with love. Swami has saved love so that I can distribute love, The name of love.. will be the avatar of Love. Be happy.