| Shivaratri 2018 message |

Shivratri 2018 Message at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Be happy, stay blessed my children, Swami’s blessings are always with you all. Today Swami has completed 13 years since he came here at Kangra in his ‘Leela-swaroopam’. In the starting of this beautiful 14th year, Swami blesses you all. Today’s message is very important and unique as I have never given such a message ever before. Since Swami is both happy and unhappy by his children.

Always remember one thing, that is, the time(life) which is granted is granted for it’s proper use. Today’s message is an avowal, revealing the truth, an anandam, to give a complete view of the truth. From today onwards your ideology about life will change, your attitude towards life will change. The thought process will transform completely. Because your ‘Bal- Sai’ will accompany you in his full form. All the exams are completed now. From today onwards your responsibility towards yourself, your loved ones will begin. This message is for everyone, even for those who are not associated with Kangra.

To understand Swami it is not necessary to be associated with anyone or anywhere. To understand me, know yourself, amalgamate with your inner self, your own soul, your own heart, this only will reveal the truth, the real truth.

This year is full of new energies, enthusiasm and various truths. Come here, there will be a declaration which will resonate. Your inner self will not accept this truth but with time it will drench you in this truthfulness which will lead you to the darshana of truthfulness.

One day, a soul got restless of attending Satsangs. When the Divine Lord stands in front and no body is there, it feels empty. The fragrance of fresh flowers blazons the arrival of Swami since so long. When Guru’s name consciously resides in the Divine soul. On evocation of Guru’s name with love, sweet notes of music start to ponder in the heart. Life starts to resonate in the rhythm of a melodious sound.

Wake up for the darshana of truth. They who know the truth, doesn’t speak, and those who speak the truth, nobody listens to them. I Know the truth of each and everyone’s life. You all are depressed with no source of motivation.

This message is for the ones who feel lost in life. But, there is a lot more, I end all the exams today. All those who are professionally disheartened by their business or jobs will be relieved very soon.All those who are exhausted of studies and are studying only for the sake of it also listen. Now is the time when whatever will be studied or learned will last for the rest of the life. Children studying will definitely win this year. To win this battle, it is necessary to worship the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati Maa. Success is assured this year for sure.

14 April, 15 June and 16 August are important dates. This year is very important. Special blessings for the upcoming Shivratri. Swami will give 12 Hiranyagarbhalingam on Shivratri. Nobody feels like coming to Swami. All of you come here by your own conveniences for yourself only. When you will start to come here for Swami, for Swami’s festivals and events I will give you abundance of Anandam also. Stay happy.

This year will bring out various types of thinking. Natural calamities like Kedarnath will take place worldwide. In India, hilly regions will face calamities and many places will be struck by drought. Huge political chaos will be seen. Pakistan and China will face powerlessness. Life beyond this planet will influence Earth this year. Many good things will also happen but along with the fruit of deeds will be penance also. Swami never says anything to anyone.

This year is an year of ‘Leelas’. Many leelas will be new and like never seen before. Swami will give a message every week. The battle of Dharma and Adharma will be more ferocious. There will be hassles seen between Swami’s different Leela places.

Chant Om Namah Shivay till 14th April meticulously. This is the day of Avatar declaration. The day for darshana. This day is a Guru-Diksha day when knowledge about Avatar will also be dissipated. Those all who want to come on any of these days 14 April, 15 June and 16 August can come here. On all these 3 days, Guru Diksha and knowledge about same will be delivered. I will travel a lot to give anandam to my children. There is no evasion in this. This is the happy time for my children.

Although you all have given up struggling. Do not fear the failure, success will follow it. Don’t think till when do I have to fight. Fight till you don’t succeed. Fetch the truth until you don’t reach it. 14th April 2018, the Avatar declaration day. The Avatar which is amongst you, in you and is near you will accomplish many jobs. There are many big tasks to be accomplished. A very big task is awaited amidst time and destiny.

This year is a Shree Hanumanth Leela year, in which everyone has the energy, strength and devotion to relish. Get ready to walk with this Avatar. There are many promises unveiled. This is the tough time but not the end. Every end, is a new beginning. When the journey stops somewhere, it starts elsewhere. None of you can loose. You are given this life to fulfill my goals along with me. In spite of many calamities there is no stopping. This message is for those children who are associated with Kangra. People involved in wrong deeds are being warned as the coming 14th April will be a difficult day for them. My children who are on dishonest or untruthful path, 15th June will be difficult day for them. And, 16th August for them who make fun of “Guru Gyan”. The ones who lie and try to alter the existence of God.

There are a few things that will be religiously followed here. This will be in action from 14th April. Nobody will ever enter this Mandir without having bathed. Entry will be not allowed. It will be compulsory to be physically clean. No mobile network will be allowed near my Mandir. Whoever will not follow the purity and divinity of this place (mandir) will be punished by me.

From 14th April, I will implement this rule. This house will be known by some another name after this day. In whatever I have said, don’t you think it is important to transform Karma. Don’t take life for granted. One thing I Know my children, who all are disheartened by the job and studies come to me on 14th April, just for one day.

My children who are suffering from health problems can come to me anytime, Swami will cure them. From today there will be leelas and more leelas. I will come in your dreams to give darshana. Forget about yourself to get blessed by me. I will never leave you. Fear not, embodiment of Sai is here. The truth will win for sure. Now Swami will see who comes here for Swami and who for oneself. The one who will come for me will be blessed and the one who will come for himself will find himself only.

Bless you all, stay happy.