| Message dated 10.Feb.2019 |

Divine Incarnation Day -10.Feb.2019 message manifested at Kangra,Himachal Pradesh, India.

About Year 2019

Upcoming Year 2020, a year of calamities and difficulties

About Year 2019

Be happy children. Be blissful. Swami’s love and blessings are always being showered on His children. I am giving this message after many many days. Swami’s Leela Swarupam(form) has been in Kangra for 14 years now. In the beginning of this 15th year, everything will be good, this is Swami’s benediction.

Children, there is no one in this world without name, work, Karma or Dharma. Bhagawan’s love and his blessings can sometime take his devotee into the darkness of pride, as a result the devotee forgets what he is doing and what all he plans to do in his life. Too much of love leads a man astray towards not doing any work. So it is better to follow the path of toughness (katortha) instead of love. Whenever a Guru teaches his student, the Guru does not bother about what the world thinks or what the disciple thinks. Because the Guru has that special skill, that path he himself has tread and come, he teaches the disciple in the same way.

You may say your faith in me is broken because you heard some things and these (untrue) words have broken your faith. These words are full of foolishness because true faith never breaks. And love never diminishes. That which grows day by day is Faith and that which grows like a heap is Love. Distance (dooriyan) between people and lack of faith arise from arguments. When you look at everything with just your own eyes, start correcting it, you will start believing this is the right thing and these thoughts will create a new world where only you will matter. And after this, any truth of the world that comes before you, you will feel it is untrue. So do not get so engrossed in this play of life that you even forget to recognize the God standing right in front of you. What does not get done today, will be done tomorrow. There is failure in victory and sometimes victory in failures. You catch hold of the world and talk about leaving it. But you haven’t really caught it nor will you really leave it.

About Year 2020 – a year of calamities and difficulties

This year will be a good year, a normal year with no indications of any special incidents. Everything will remain normal – but Swami is saying one thing to all of you – “Do not let go of your Niyam or Karm Yog” i.e. discipline and spiritual practices, keep doing them diligently. All this diligence is for the coming year 2020, which will be a difficult time in every way – financial, emotional and spiritual(Arthik, Mansic and Adhyathmic). Everything will become abnormal , everything will undergo a change. What is easy now will become difficult and what is difficult now will become easy. So figure out what is difficult in this present time and what is easy now.

The world be free from intoxication. Why is this so easy? Intoxication is not just intoxication, there is a lot more attached to it, so a lot of work will get done in that. Intoxication will be stopped from many directions. But the result of this will be very bad. Because like I have said even before, the base of Hindu Dharma will be shaken.

2020 will be a year of religious(DHARM) and natural calamities, where everything will become difficult. Many countries will face monetary difficulties.

There is very little time now left until 2020. You have only one Maha Mantra – the one that will protect you – Om Namah Shivaya, the more you chant this maha mantra, the less difficulties you will face next year. Children, whenever you have free time, at home, meditate this maha mantra. 2020 will usher in as many changes as in a century. The out come of that year may be filled with lot of sad news. And that is why 2019 will be a peaceful, normal year.

No one can say what Bhagawan will do but Bhagawan will only do what He always does – i.e. protect His children. In the land of Karma you are the doer – I have shown you the path, follow this path and protect everyone. At the end of this year, I will call you all to my side and will bless you all in a special way. And these specially blessed children will be the protective armour of the next year.

Whether you believe my message is true or not, it does not matter. Even if you do nothing else(spiritual practices), do what I am asking you to do i.e. chant the Om Namah Shivaya maha manthra. My blessings will ensure this year Shivarathri festival will go on well.

I am in every corner of this world and I love everyone. So this message is for those children who spend their life in the Seva of others. This message is not for everyone because not everyone can accept the truth easily. Be happy. My message is not for religion or work (DHARM or KARM), this is for the present time. Until there is a change in you, you will not understand the language of TRUTH. And until you yourself do not come forward seeking change, no one can help you! Many Gurus have come and gone. Dharm(religion) will continue to exist. The cycle of Dharma will not decide your existence .

No one is content in the world today nor will they be. Even Dharm(religion) is business and Karm(work) has become play. That is why day to day living has become easy. There are no difficulties now in lives. Who says life has become difficult? One only needs to think and write(type) and you get it, it is so easy. There is no difficulty in getting things. There have been a lot of discoveries/inventions/findings in this world but ‘truth’ has been lost. New findings have made life easy but these are akin to poison. People have become lost, Karma is lost, belief is lost and when all these are lost – where are YOU? What are you searching for? I have never put you in Maya, you are by yourself in Maya. I have been helping you to get out of Maya. I always talk to you gently (Saral), with love and you listen to me however I am not in your work (Karm).

Whatever man has discovered/invented, these are perishables and there is an end to all that, these are things in the Universe. They haven’t been able to cross this to what lies beyond all this. And those who search what’s beyond, the world calls them insane. What are you searching for? Whatever you have found so far will perish one day. If you want to really find something, start at the beginning, start from the Truth. Think of life as an alarm clock, set the alarm and start your search, that’s the only time you have. So this is the real search, the one that has a small name yet is the biggest search of all. And this is the search of the SELF.

Don’t search for ME. You will never be able to find Me. How will you find Me when you yourself are lost in things like – why has this happened, why is this happening, when will it happen, how will it happen, who will do it, who will come and who will go?

Be happy, be in bliss, children! I am always with you. Build a home where the world can stay. The time is self sufficient.