| Guru Dikhsha day- 14 April 2018 |

Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra:
Om Premrupaya Vidmahe Shakthi Avathara Dhimahi Tannah Shivananda Prachodayaat

Following Swami’s Shivarathri message, eager devotees gathered at Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra for a blissful evening with our beloved Sri Shivananda Swami (lovingly addressed as Babaji). The event started with bhajans, after which devotees asked questions on various spiritual topics to Babaji. Babaji spoke about the importance of meditation, and about ‘Prema Sai’. He said “Prem Sai is actually an understanding. When one develop’s love, one will understand where Premasai is!” He instructed devotees and initiated them into meditation.

According to Babaji, meditation is silent sitting at one place at an appointed time, every day morning or late evening for at least 45 min. Let your thoughts wander as they wish, just look at any object or if you like any form of God, concentrate on that form or the object with open eyes for 45 minutes. Your eyes will automatically close one day and the thoughts will be centered and your experience with Oneness and love will begin. This is the understanding of Prema or love that you will develop through meditation. ” Babaji, then granted personal interview to each and every devotee assembled, and materialised a locket of Shivananda, Hiranyagarbalingam and rings.  Babaji  gifted the Shivananda locket to a long time devotee, the Hiranyagarba lingam and rings to other assembled devotees. Guru Diksha or knowledge of the Guru was initiated by Babaji to select devotees assembled. The next Guru Diksha days are scheduled on 15 June and 16 August at Kangra. Aspiring souls may plan and visit Kangra on these select days.

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