| Guru Dikhsha day- 15 June 2018 |

Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra:
Om Premrupaya Vidmahe Shakthi Avathara Dhimahi Tannah Shivananda Prachodayaat

The second Guru Diksha as planned was held with modesty with divinity visible in one and all. Guru Wisdom(Diksha) started at 13:45 hrs with Sri Shivananda (Babaji) initiating a soulful bhajan session followed by a Question and Answer session from the assembled aspirants. Questions were raised on how the divine energy being one and same differs in manifestations uniquely and, on how can we better recognize the divine force within us.

Babaji explained in simple terms that the human body comprises of the 3 qualities (gunas) ie. Satwa, Rajas and Tamas and this was told when we had no science. There existed no science when Krishna postulated this during Mahabaratha. Science has proven this today as Atoms, that are made of extremely tiny particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Protons have a positive charge and Electrons, a negative charge. What and how are these atoms related to the three qualities can be understood with the trinity – Brahma as the Neutron, the creator, Vishnu as the Proton, the preserver and Shiva as the Electron, the destroyer. Babaji further said Tamo guna will pull you down, Rajo guna will give you the impetus i.e. the force. Even anger is an inclusive force created by God in humans. All bad things are your own production.

Today’s friend might turn into a foe tomorrow and vice versa. Change the situation of your life by your own efforts, if you put everything to God then what is the use of yourself? For example, if you are in the hot sun, when you move to the shadow you feel better. And you feel good by changing situation because you have dealt with it! Hence once you are able to change the situation, your mind acquires stability and peace. It is up to you to change and adapt to the situation instead of complaining.

The proof of existence of God was the central topic of this Diksha. Sri Ramkrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda always had discussions on this topic. “What is the proof of God?” asked Vivekananda. Ramakrishna answered “do you want to really see God? Before asking think (a bit more) about what you are asking. Understanding God is very arduous task. The path towards God is extremely difficult and one has to face lot of hardships to realize Him. The only way is to to nullify yourself first, then you can know God. How you can understand divinity if you are involved in all the luxuries of life? How can you claim to see the light with eyes closed? Don’t ask such things with God. Don’t fool yourself by closing your eyes and yet wanting to see the light”.

The proof of the Supreme God is something that you cannot understand. To even attempt to understand divinity, you have to understand yourself, make yourself zero. The true understanding of oneself is the pathway to understand divinity. Feel that you yourself are divine. To understand God live with Him. If you have embraced anger, know that the the doors of hell have already opened for you. Those who embraced the path of love will acquire the path to heaven. Don’t argue about God. Those who argued have lost everything and provided the atheist a higher hand.

What you have in your hands are your prayers. Keep praying till God is compelled to fulfill your wish. Don’t think only if others pray for you, it will fructify. Start believing in yourself. God will bestow that which is right for your life. Towards the end of the Diksha, Babaji individually blessed each of the assembled devotees, while answering their personal questions. The next Guru Dikshaa is planned for 16 Aug 2018. The venue and timings will be announced on this website and the Facebook page.

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