| Aug 16 Guru Diksha Devotee Experiences |

Sairam to all my divine fellow beings.

After Babaji’s visit to Malagar, I have been getting calls from many who have attended the Gurudeeksha day, some of them to express their gratitude for inviting them and some sharing their experience after Babaji’s darshan. I am sharing here two such experiences.

One mother had come with her 6 year old son who had heart problem and he had to undergo open heart surgery on 19th of September and the Doctor had told them that the boy’s condition is very critical and they cannot even give a 30 percent success rate. Babaji blessed the child with vibhuti water and told his mother not to worry as nothing will happen to her child and he will be fine. On 20th September, the child’s mother called me to say the operation went on well and doctors had told that he will be back to his normal conscious state in 3 days but the boy recovered the very next day after the surgery and started talking normally. She has conveyed her heartfelt gratitude at Babaji’s lotus feet.

Another lady had called to share her experience- She had severe headache for many years, she had done scanning and undergone all kind of treatments but her suffering continued. She is very happy to share that from the moment Babaji kept vibhuti on her head to this minute her suffering has completely vanished.

Babaji, Chickamagaluru is blessed with your visit, I am seeing the transformation taking place in every individual who was blessed with your Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan..

And people have already started asking when is Babaji’s next visit .. your Malagar will always be waiting for you..

– From a devotee who organized the Malagar Aug 16 Diksha.