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| Vibhuti Woes |

Vibhuti Woes – An anecdote by Srinivas Kalyani Summer 2012, Panipat (Haryana, India)

As I was sitting doodling around in one of my free lectures in college, the heat wave that had engulfed the country was merrily scorching those who were brave enough to wander outside. True, I had decided to stay inside along with many others to feel safer under the roof of my classroom.

I had a very peculiar habit of drinking Vibhuti water (normal water with lots of Vibhuti mixed in it) because I had grown accustomed to the humongous amount of Vibhuti that I used to come back with from Kangra, with love from my Master, Sri Shivananda. I liked to tell myself that the supply of Vibhuti would always be unlimited for me. Hence, I used to drink Vibhuti water and be prodigal with it.

| My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami |

My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami – 15 Dec 2017 – Sandhya Mehta

Sairam! There can not be a better day than this to share this experience. It is my father’s birthday today (Mr. Gopal Mehta).

One of the very popular incidence or say miracle by Swami is imparting life as a blessing to someone. This, has happened here in Kangra too on 5th of March 2016 by Shri Shivananda Swami.

Around 3rd or 4th of March there was a big occasion of Shiv-Parvati Kalyanam held at Kangra where people from across the nation came to attend. The occasion was of 3 days as a whole.

| Akshay Patra Vibhuti |

Sairam! Here I am making an effort to express one of my very special experiences with Babaji Shivananda (Shivswami). Although it would be impossible to write all the experiences with him; as his presence can be felt at every moment of life which is inexpressible. In this incident I clearly felt his omniscience.

I have always felt that the biggest and the most eternal blessing one can get from Swami is the “Vibhuti”. There are several incidences in past where the Swami has created Akshay Patra for devotees. Having read such incidences many times, it was quite obvious for me to have the fancy to possess one. Therefore, gradually it became a part of my regular prayers to ask for one.

| Experience shared by a devotee during Shrikhand Mahadev yatra |

Om. Guru is the stairway to the ultimate destination of humanity. A patron chosen by God to guide the people in correct direction.

We as humans are full of ideas, thoughts, aspirations, desires, thirst & so on. But deep down we are directionless. All these worldly desires keep us away from what actually we are here for, i.e to do good & be good, to help ever hurt never. Guru is like a ray of light which enlightens the dark room of our hearts.

I would like to share one incident. Once we were on our yatra to Shrikhand Mahadev situated in Himalayan range. That was our third day on that pilgrimage. It was so tough that along with my body, my heart was also tired. I was not able to motivate myself to take even a single step forward. We were at an altitude of 19,000 ft above sea level. Ahead, was a huge glacier which was the toughest point in that whole yatra. It was horrifyingly sloppy. I gave up there & stood still.

| Manifestation of Lingams and Vibuthi |

Manifestation of Lingams and Vibhuthi on the occassion of Mahashivarathri in 2015 .