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| Babaji Shivananda 31st birthday celebrations |

Truly it is a divine blessing and good fortune to be contemporaries of the living Shiv Avatar Babaji who has incarnated to show HIS Divine presence as our own family member. People across the globe congregate to celebrate Babaji’s Birthday on 7th September with love, dedication and enthusiasm.

Morning Satsang

People from Australia, Asia, Europe, USA, South America joined the online satsangh from IST 7am onwards with Lord Ganesh Invocation, Ganesha and Navagraha Havan followed by the Samarpan program that included Babaji Gayathri Havan, Padhuka Pooja, Sankeertan and Spanish birthday offering and a Kirtan Mashup. The morning program concluded with a short Divine message by Babaji.

The event was telecasted via Youtube https://youtu.be/4hJI8EIl3PI

Evening Shiv Sandhya

7th September evening was celebrated with live cultural dance, drama and musical offering by children, followed by Bhajans by PadmaShri Anup Jalota and Shri Raviraj Nasery. This event was also telecasted live via youtube https://youtu.be/SpwByVj63w8

| Release of Antar Vahini E Newsletter |

Divine message(in Hindi) from Babaji Shivananda on the occasion of release of E Newsletter Anatar Vahini on 7th Sept 2020

Antar Vahini Release Divine message

| Babaji Birthday Celebrations 2020 |

Babaji’s 31st Birthday celebrations on 07th September 2020 will be live from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh as well as from other global locations. Join us through Babaji’s Youtube Channel starting at 10:30 am- 12:45 IST for the morning program.

The evening program the Shiv Sandhya by PadmaShri Anup Jalota and Shri Raviraj Nasery will be also telecasted live via Youtube and ManaTV starting at 18:00hrs IST

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Shivanandam/

| AAJ Ki SHAAM SHiVJi KE NAAM (An evening dedicated to Lord Shiva) on 14th and 15th Aug 2020 |

One of the Greatest Divine LIVE Healing Meditation sessions by His Holiness Babaji Shivanand of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India to the entire world, during these challenging times is the evening (14th and 15th Aug) dedicated to Lord Shiva.

| Guru Purnima – 04.Jul and 05.Jul Program 2020 |

Sairam and Om Namah Shambhave. Please find the most awaited schedule for this Guru Poornima, presented by our beloved Babaji Shivananda.