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| Maha Shivaratri Celebrations 13 Feb 2018 |

Shivaratri is the most unique time to rise above the mundane and bask in the supreme glory of the infinite, innocent and blissful Shiva tattva. The festival commemorates God’s descent on earth to end the unlimited ratri(night) of ignorance and suffering and to usher in the golden dawn of peace, harmony, and happiness.

Celebrating the Shiva tattva in oneself is real Shivaratri. Like every year, the night was celebrated with continuous bhajans and devotion at our Mandir in Shivanandam Nivas. In the morning, the Mandir was blissfully decorated and many offerings in the form of milk, ghee, sandal paste abhisekam were performed to the various Shiv Lingams that have materialised in this mandir, over the years.