| Recent and Upcoming Events |

| Babaji’s Birthday & Durga Puja Idol making- 07 September, 2018 |

Babaji’s (Sri Shivananda) Birthday was celebrated with Bhajans and Pooja at Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra on 07.Sep.2018.On this auspicious day, Babaji also started the activities for making idols for Durga Pooja. Since 2006,  Babaji has single-handedly crafted Maa Durga statues, for every Durga Pooja.  He painstakingly carves, colors and decorates the statues himself with an attention to detail that is difficult to imagine.  All devotees are welcome to watch Babaji create the idols – from clay and hay and colour and decorate them in time for Sharad Navarathri. 

| Guru Diksha Day – 16 August 2018 |

Continuing with the Guru Diksha parampara, the third Guru Diksha happened on 16 August 2018 at Malagar valley, Karnataka.

On this auspicious day, Babaji  lead a programme of bhajans, followed by a divine discourse, devotee Q & A session and individual blessings to assembled devotees at  Chikkamangalur, Karnataka.

| Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra – July 11-14, 2018 |

Sri Shivananda on the 11th Annual Shrikand Mahadev Yatra from July 11-14 , 2018! Om Namah Shivaya! This is a 3-4 days trek in the divine company of Sri Shivananda to the Shrikhand Mahadev peak at 5227 metres(17150 ft.), Himachal Pradesh, India. The Shrikhand Mahadev peak is named after Lord Shiva.

This year too, the Sai Mangalam group of devotees assembled at Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra and in the divine company of Sri Shivananda, embarked on the 11th annual pilgrimage to the Shrikhand Mahadev peak. The trek followed the path from the Nirmand – Joan village, a trek of 70 kms through Himalayan mountains, glaciers and the rivers to the Shrikhand Mahadev peak. 

| Guru Dikhsha day- 15 June 2018 |

Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra:
Om Premrupaya Vidmahe Shakthi Avathara Dhimahi Tannah Shivananda Prachodayaat

The second Guru Diksha as planned was held with modesty with divinity visible in one and all. Guru Wisdom(Diksha) started at 13:45 hrs with Sri Shivananda (Babaji) initiating a soulful bhajan session followed by a Question and Answer session from the assembled aspirants. Questions were raised on how the divine energy being one and same differs in manifestations uniquely and, on how can we better recognize the divine force within us.

| Guru Dikhsha day- 14 April 2018 |

Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra:
Om Premrupaya Vidmahe Shakthi Avathara Dhimahi Tannah Shivananda Prachodayaat

Following Swami’s Shivarathri message, eager devotees gathered at Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra for a blissful evening with our beloved Sri Shivananda Swami (lovingly addressed as Babaji). The event started with bhajans, after which devotees asked questions on various spiritual topics to Babaji. Babaji spoke about the importance of meditation, and about ‘Prema Sai’. He said “Prem Sai is actually an understanding. When one develop’s love, one will understand where Premasai is!” He instructed devotees and initiated them into meditation.