| Guru Deeksha Messages |

| Divine Advent Day Message, 10.Feb.2020 |

In the last fifteen years I have had many experiences, experiences can be pleasant and unpleasant. Many unpleasant experiences taught important lessons of life. If we talk of God , God is onmipresent whom you see, listen, experience and about whom you think. In fifteen years, have I learnt many lessons/ From 2011, I have listened to every conflict going inside me and listened to the inner voice and experienced MY TRUE SELF. From them, my journey of life took a new turn.

| Babaji’s journey of Self Realisation |

Babaji’s journey of Self Realisation – Conversations at Potala guest house, Rasuwa, Nepal
It was on the evening of 25.June.2019 that Babaji gave an account of his journey to self-realisation. The assembled group of 37 devotees had undertaken the holy Kailash Mansorvar yatra with Babaji. They heard the story from Babaji and his elder brother Vishal.
Babaji: ….Colours were spread all over the room… They asked Swami, ‘Who will clean this?’ The room was filled with colours as was the bed. Babaji went upstairs to have food and then sat thinking ‘Well, Swami has spread colours in the room. Others will not help (the responsibility of cleaning the room is with Babaji for the last 15 years]. It takes an entire day to clean and Babaji gets tired cleaning the room. The bed is full of colours as are the photographs, the floor and every object in the room. Just imagine what the scenario would have looked like. And I [Babaji] sat thinking to myself ‘I cleaned the room, people have come with plates full of colours and now Swami has spread colours all over the room. So I came downstairs with the bhog [offering of food to God]’. There was a message from Swami that read ‘Please provide a table fan. I will clean the room myself. Tomorrow is the day for cleaning’.

| Kailash Manasarovar Yatra – Babaji’s talk on 25.06.2019 |

In connection with this Yatra, I have a small message for all of you. I shall begin with a story. We have all heard of the great king Alexander the Great. Once, as he was casually passing by a village, he came across a Yogi seated there, holding a shiny, glittering object in his hand. The Yogi upon seeing Sikander tried to hide that glittering object from the king. Noticing this, the king asked the Yogi, why are you trying to hide from me that object which I have noticed already? What is that object?“, he asked of the Yogi. The Yogi replied, this object is a very precious and invaluable one. In fact, it is so very precious that all your wealth put together cannot match its value. The king replied, Okay, let us see what it is and if it really is as precious as you claim it to be. The Yogi went to add, this object is also a very heavy one! As a matter of fact, it is so heavy that the combined weight of all your wealth cannot match this object’s weight!

| Kathmandu Satsang discourse dated 07.June.2019 |

|| Om Namaha Shambhave || || Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha ||
Babaji‘s Discourse on 7th June 2019
A swan has this ability to separate milk from water. Similarly, there is a title that saints or Guru’s bestowed with – Paramahansa. Not everyone is bestowed with the title of Paramahansa – there are certain qualities that need to be reflected within the Guru.
A disciple knows knows what he really is, how he views his Guru, what he thinks and believes about his Guru. Some Gurus wish to change qualities of a disciple for their own selfish reasons. They may praise you, or say you are great devotee. They may add something to you which may not be correct. However, a Paramahansa is a Guru who accepts you as you are. He has the ability to separate your good qualities from your bad qualities and show both of them to you. Paramahansa is a Guru who accepts you as you are. He accepts his disciple as he or she is with good as well as bad qualities.

| Kathmandu Satsang discourse dated 06.June.2019 |

|| Om Namah Shambhave |||| Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha ||
Babaji’s Discourse on 6 June 2019
What is Omkar? Omkar is a wordless sound. It is not a word; it is only a sound or dhwani. Omkar is the origin of every religion. Every religion has Omkar as its root. Omkar has a great importance in every religion. That is a wordless sound. Omkar is a sound that is resonating in the entire universe. It keeps resonating. One who can hear this Omkar resonating from within, he knows everything.
We are not referring to the Omkar we chant which is very easy to hear but to the Omkar which is constantly resonating from within. Omkar is the source of all positive vibrations. Once we hear this Omkar resonating from within, it marks the beginning of our spiritual journey. When you close your eyes and try to listen to the sound from within without any thoughts, without chanting, remaining blank or silent, then we will be able to hear the sound.